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At Pacific Mako, we develop rapid prototyping solutions by using a 3-D printer.  The printer creates physical models directly from digital CAD/CAM data. 
The model is created in 3-dimensional space. 


The rapid prototype process allows you to physically hold your creation before investing in the costly production of casting, injection molding or tooling. 
This process allows designers to develop several concepts quickly, which speeds up the testing, fitting, refining, and redesigning processes.   It enables
designers to gauge the functioning behavior of their prototype.


The printed parts can be made to simulate over 150 materials suited for a variety of finishes.

Our clients provide a blueprint and a detailed description of their requirements, and our designers do the rest.




Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

  • Develop a prototype within a week
  • No machining or tooling required
  • Greater design freedom
  • Greater alloy selection
  • Enables designers to produce a range of concepts

This digital process offers design freedoms not possible in moulds and cores produced using the traditional pattern approach.