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Our precision sand casting facility is automated and is equipped to cast consistent molds accurately.  Over the years we’ve developed a system of production that will satisfy all types of innovative mold requirements from all industries.


Our automated facility provides:

  • Precise and accurate geometric shapes at high density
  • Reliable mold-to-mold consistency
  • High-volume output and greater productivity
  • Low cost and efficiency


Our production team is equipped to render high-quality aluminum casting solutions.



Our automated mold machine and processes offer mold consistency on every project.  Unlike traditional standard sand casting procedures, our automated system can easily take on various challenging projects that deal with great complexity and deep mold pockets.


The benefits of our system include:

  • Uniformity and accuracy
  • Elimination of mold shift
  • Elimination of mold mismatches
  • High-density molds
  • Reduced labor expenses—savings that are passed on to our clients

To meet the demands of the specific molding components, we have the ability to automatically adjust variables to provide the desired outcome.  Our molding machine operator can adjust the sand fill, allowing adjustment for variations in each pattern.  Our operator can also deliver different mold densities and hardness by adjusting the cope and drag heights and the total squeeze pressure.

Whatever the mold requirements, we are equipped with automated machines that will consistently produce your mold.



No-bake uses resin-bonded sand that sets without heat.  It is also referred to as an air set process utilizing a liquid binder that hardens at room temperature.  The process utilizes binders instead of heat for polymerization.


With our no-bake process, you can choose from a full line of refractory coatings, release agents, and metal cleaners.


Some of the benefits include:

Variable cure times, which allows the operator to pour molds shortly after stripping

Consistent sand flow ability

Patterns may be made from metal, wood, and plastic



Shell cores are manufactured with resin-coated silica sand.  The cores are hollow and can be made in various sizes and configurations.  We’ve used this procedure within various industries that require precise casting components.


The following are the advantages of shell molding castings:


High tolerances

The shell cores allow you to manufacture applications to high tolerances.


Accuracy and automation

Shell and core molds are made by molding machines, which can accurately produce innovative aluminum castings with complex inside structures.  The main function is performed by the machine and not the worker.


Great dimensional accuracy

This hard molding material will reduce the swelling of sand molds.  Therefore, the dimensional tolerance will be smaller.  This advantage will be very useful for producing high-accuracy rough castings, and it can reduce the machining cost.


Known for surface smoothness and the reduction surface defects


Thin wall thickness and complex aluminum castings

The shell molding process offers 5 mm wall thickness, which is very thin for sand casting. 





The core blowing automated machine is designed for high-productivity mid-sized components.  It is highly efficient, produces high-quality components, and allows us to price competitively.


While most clients appreciate our ability to price projects using our core blowing technique, the ability to make higher-quality cores is our main incentive.  When you allow an operator to manually change recipes, your core’s condition can be expected to change.  Excessive material can weaken a core after metal is poured.  Automation eliminates the human error of inconsistent material pours.  


Competitive pricing

This equipment allows us to compete with lower prices from foundries using traditional methods. 


Guarantee quality

The quality control is built into the machine with the RFID tags, and therefore allows for consistent cast applications.



Based on our experience, our core blowing system is more efficient when we need to blow multiple core boxes from the same chamber of sand.


High productivity

Works great with existing tooling, wooden dump boxes, shell tooling, cold box tooling and oil sand tooling.


We have the experience to produce the following components:

  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Veins and volutes
  • Small molds
  • Pump components and housings


Our core blower ensures that the core is guaranteed to be produced with its specific automated settings.  It will deliver high-quality components.