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Our Foundry Capabilities as follows:

Our gas fired furnaces are capable of melting all types of foundry alloys.
Our operators are well trained regarding all phases of melting and pouring.
Safety is always a top priority.

Precision Sand Casting
A sand cast product manufactured on our automated Roberts Sinto green sand molding machine. We machined the part in house, then it is post treated with gold chromate and powder coated.  The Roberts Sinto FBN-2S machines produce excellent molds from complex patterns with deep pockets.

Core Blowing – Palmer Core Blower
A core blow is a gas pocket in a casting caused by gases released from the core.
A core blowing machine reams the core by injecting (blowing) sand into the core box. A core box is the mold where the core is formed.

Precision Sand Casting
A sand cast part made on an automatic press. We machined the part, had it gold chromated and powder coated, then installed the pins. FBN-2S machines produce excellent molds from complex patterns with deep pockets. The unique top and bottom blow supplies molding sand to the cope and drag flasks from directly above and below the pattern, filling the flasks completely and uniformly. Positive, precise pin and bushing alignment of flasks eliminates cope and drag mismatch. There is no strike-off sand and virtually no spill sand.

We practice responsible recycling and use a process called reclamation that allows us to reuse sand in molds after it has been cleaned and treated. New sand, and waste disposal costs have risen considerably in the last ten years. Recycling is not only good for the environment, it keeps your costs down too.

Rotary Degassing
Metal Degassing Units (MDU’s) shafts and rotors are designed to give optimum performance when removing hydrogen gas from molten aluminum. The patented pumping rotor design gives the most efficient bubble formation and distribution pattern to ensure that degassing cycle times are minimized and gas levels are maintained as low as possible using the minimum of purge gas.

Heat Treat Ovens
Heat Treatment is the process of heating and cooling a metal or alloy in its solid state to produce¬†desired properties. Castings are moved through different areas, which are kept at constant temperatures. ¬†Annealing is the process of heating metal and slowly cooling it, which reduces the brittleness and increases the metal’s strength.