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Our philosophy of “design collaboration” is to offer all of our clients casting solution expertise.  We will apply our knowledge and expertise to every project.

Our team of competent designers review every drawing, answer questions, offer ideas and, if required, offer solutions that will take your casting idea to the next level.


Design Collaboration

With our years of experience in casting solutions, we will offer detailed suggestions that will take your casting idea to the next level.


Client Submits The Drawing

When our clients submit a drawing, we review all aspects of the drawing.  Our clients can elect to submit a simple sketch or a 3-D computer model. 


Understanding Clients’ Needs

We will not waste our clients’ valuable time.  Based on our past experience, we will review your drawing and develop a list of suggestions and enhancements.


Determining If The Project Is Within Our Capabilities, And Beginning The Proposal

Before we take on a project, we make sure that we can deliver.  We do not make any promises we can’t keep.  We develop a detailed proposal outline design, production, machining, and delivery. 


Discuss The Process (New customer versus existing customer)

While our existing clients understand our approach, we educate our new clients about our philosophies of open communication and production efficiency.


Discussion With Team

We discuss all aspects of production, and we make sure that our team understands their responsibilities.  From our sales/project manager to our designer and to our production manager, we work together to produce your casting solution. 


Convert Drawing Into Solid Works

From a simple sketch, we will create a 3-D computer model.


Offering Suggestions To The Client

Once we view the drawing, we will offer detailed suggestions that will take your casting idea to the next level.



This involves reviewing the client’s response and making suggestions.  This process roughly goes back and forth a half-dozen times.  Our goal is to understand our clients’ needs and to take their application to the next level. 


Casting Process

See sand casting and turnkey solutions.


Field Testing

After field testing, we make final adjustments and begin mass production.